ARBURG is one of the leading global manufacturers of injection molding machines, which are produced exclusively in Germany. Its subsidiary ARBURG (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the Thai-German Institute (TGI), Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi, invite participants to the seminar “Towards the Future of Manufacturing Industry; Machine to Machine Communication” Room B-212 at 13:30-14:30 on August 30th, 2018, at iMould Die 2018.

The Thai government and all sectors are currently aware of how the development of Thailand’s manufacturing industry play a key role to the country development as a whole. Especially with the rapid change in communication technology, the Internet also facilitates production process development and production quality. ARBURG (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is responding to the importance of providing knowledge and expertise that will enable advantages to the Thai industrial sector, particularly in the area of plastics manufacturing by the collaboration with Thai-German Institute of Technology (TGI) in “iMould Die 2018” in Amata Industrial Estate in Chonburi province.

At iMould Die 2018, seminars will take place in varied topics related to plastics manufacturing technology. Mr. NonthanatNuangkanya, Application Engineer from ARBURG Thailand will present the topic “Towards the Future of Manufacturing Industry; Machine to Machine Communication” on August 30th, 2018, 13:30 – 14:30, Room B-212. The presentation will present the ARBURG host computer system ALS as a key component of Industry 4.0 and convey how the internet and big data can be managed and applied in production process. In addition, an ALLROUNDER injection molding machine will produce parts and technology experts from ARBURG Thailand give more comprehensive information to the event participants.

The Thai-German Institute (TGI) is an autonomous governmental body established in 1997 under the Ministry of Industry. This joint initiative between Thai and German government was to set up a training center to disseminate advanced manufacturing technology in molding, automation and industrial management to Thai industry. An ALLROUNDER injection molding machine has been also in function in training courses in related to Plastic Injection Molding and Mold technology. Plus, the machine is served in research and development projects between TGI and other organisations including both governmental sectors and private companies.

About ARBURG (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was initially established in 1993 as a representative office. The office location was expanded into a subsidiary in 2001 and has since then also provided applications, technology consulting and spare parts service. As an emerging Asian economy with increasing number of plastics processing companies, Thailand is of great strategic and economic importance to the region as a whole.

The German family-owned company, ARBURG is one of the leading global manufacturers of plastic processing machines. The product portfolio encompasses ALLROUNDER injection molding machines with clamping forces of between 125 and 6,500 kN, the Freeformer for industrial additive manufacturing and robotic systems, customer and industry-specific turnkey solutions and further peripheral equipment.

With more than 30 years’ experience in automated and IT-networked production, ARBURG is a pioneer of the plastics industry in the field of “Industry 4.0” and “Digital Transformation”. The ARBURG host computer system ALS is a key component of Industry 4.0. An international sales and service network ensures first-class customer support at the local level: Arburg is represented by fully owned organizations at 33 locations in 25 countries and by trading partners in more than 50 countries. The machines are produced exclusively at the parent company in Lossburg, Germany. The ARBURG brand promise “WIR SIND DA.” – which means something like “We are here” describes the values for which ARBURG has always stood: we are uncompromisingly committed to the interests of our customers and partners at all times and everywhere, worldwide. You can rely on us, just like a trusted family-member. For more information, please contact +66 2 3494062 or

For those who are interested in attending the seminar, please contact: Thai-German Institute (TGI) Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi Tel.: +66 38 215033, +66 61 8251028
Email: or


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