The Employers’ Confederation of Thailand (ECOT) in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) has organized a Workshop for SMEs on Socially Responsible Business Practices in the automotive and agriculture sectors at Chonburi Province.
     On 9 October 2019 the Employers’ Confederation of Thailand (ECOT) in cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO) conducted a Workshop for SMEs in the automotive and agriculture sectors at The Tide Resort, Chonburi Province.
     The Workshop is part of the cooperation project on Awareness Raising Seminar to Enhance Understanding of SMEs on Socially Responsible Business Practices under the Programme on Responsible Supply Chains in Asia (RSCA). The Project objective is to engage businesses in Thailand in enhancing respect for human rights, labour and environmental standards in line with the international instrument on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) and Business and Human Rights.
     At the opening ceremony, Mrs.Siriwan Romchatthong, President of ECOT, mentioned that Thai Businesses recognized the important of having CSR/RBC in doing their business. This Workshop was a joint cooperation with the ILO to create understanding on how to do business with corporate responsibility in automotive and agricultural sectors. He also emphasized that the application of CSR/RBC will create more opportunities for SMEs in the two sectors in expanding their products in Thailand and exporting to overseas markets. Furthermore, he wished that the Workshop will be a platform and opportunity for participants to build mutual understanding and working together in the future.
     During the Workshop there were presentations by the ILO experts, Ms. Yukio Arai, on responsible supply chain: why it is important to SMEs and ILO experiences on promotion of responsible business conduct in Viet Nam. Follows with the presentations by Mr.Anawat Suphatanon from Tesco Lotus, Mr. Talerngsak Klagsatorn, TBKK (Thailand), Mr. Ukrish Kanchanaketu from ECOT, Mr.Tanakorn Somsin and his team from Siam Michelin Trade Union, Mr. Chalee Loysoong from TEAM and Mr. Sontaya Paodee and his team from MAC who shared their ideas and experiences on key points of labour practices that SMEs need to know, such as, buyer practices, basic principles and rights at work or helpdesk also including were the topics on constructive labour relations and risk mangement on labour relations.
     This one-day Workshop has provided participants with awareness raising, knowledge and understanding on international instruments and its important to SMEs. In addition, participants also had an opportunity to discuss and sharing their ideas and experiences on applying CSR/RBC to their business practices. Moreover, there was also the need to enhance good labour practices and bilateral cooperation with the aim of developing and strengthening the sustainability of business. At the end, with the necessity of the workshop content, participants agreed that the Workshop should be organized again for other SMEs as well.
     The Workshop went well with acknowledgement to ECOT and ILO for their efforts and hard working in conducting the Workshop.


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